LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy Roscommon Athlone

LaStone therapy is a massage using hot basalt stones and cold marble stones. LaStone therapy is tailored to suit all needs.

What are the benefits of the hot stones during the treatment?
During the treatment, the hot stones increase blood flow, flooding the muscles with oxygenated blood. It also stimulates the immune system, increases lymph function, relaxes the muscles and reduces muscle tension. As a result of the above effects, the body becomes deeply relaxed.

What are the benefits of the cold stones during the treatment?
The cold stones bring balance to the treatment. They are used on areas that require special attention reducing inflammation, toning the muscle and flushing the muscle with
fresh blood. This treatment aims to create balance & harmony on all levels.
Ideal for:
• Relieving tension
• Increasing your range of motion
• Reducing muscle pain.

Original laStone: 90 mins – €90.00

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