Anne's Story


Anne o'Brien

At a relatively young age, Anne herself developed arthritis. This was the start of her journey to discover how she could move more freely and without pain.

Hoping to make her own life more balanced and to help others, she changed her career in 2006 to be Aromatherapist. Through working with a spectrum of people with various issues, she realised that there was a limit to what she could achieve with basic massage techniques.

This led Anne to seek out training in further treatment options for her clients, which has been key to achieving successful outcomes for her many clients. Her overall ethos is to utilise a therapeutic approach that enhances natural movement and corrects imbalances is important. Her broad and growing skillset means that Anne is in a position to tailor each treatment to the client, thus reducing pain and helping them to move more freely. Anne continues to develop her own skillset and she enjoys learning from the leading experts in the pain management field. 

There is a huge variety in the clients that come to Anne, each person is treated as an individual and a client consultation is held before a treatment strategy is agreed. This approach ensures that the client gets the best that Anne can offer.

Amatsu and Neuromuscular Therapy are now the cornerstones of Anne’s treatments. She still uses the essential oils in her treatments enhancing the overall benefit of the treatment.”

Originally from County Cork, it has been an ever-changing road for Anne over the last number of years who is now very settled in Roscommon.

A sole trader since 2006 under the trading name AOB Therapies, Anne received lots of support from the local County Enterprise board when she first started out in business. That support has been greatly appreciated.

You are one Step Closer to Moving more freely without pain

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