Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu Therapy Roscommon

Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu therapy involves observation of the body, palpating to detect abnormal tissue and test movement using orthopaedic tests and muscle testing evaluating the range of motion and quality of movement and giving amatsu treatment accordingly.

Amatsu is a therapeutic approach that enhances natural movement and corrects imbalances that prevent a natural and integrated movement or to restore the natural tension patterns of the clients body. And is the practice of maintaining Godai.

Anma, the basis of Amatsu, involves soft tissue releases at critical anatomical points, affecting the ancient limbic brain and its balancing influence on the upright walking body.

Seitai is the tool used in Amatsu to bring about correction in body pattern imbalances. Seitai literally means “to correct the body”. Seitai focuses on ligaments and tendons which are strong holders for patterns and seitai repatterning technique involves releasing kyushu around joints.  Seitai focuses on the head, neck, spine, pelvis and feet to bring about body symmetry and para lateral movement.

Treatment sessions are typically one hour in duration.

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