Aloe Vera – Information

I had a table at the fair in Strokestown today promoting the Aloe Vera Products. Some people had heard of Aloe Vera but didn’t know how it works. This is my simplified version of how it works.

Aloe Vera is bactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal reducing infection.   (ref Aloe Vera The Medicine Plant by Dr Peter Atherton) 

Inflamation is the response of healthy tissues to injury. If the body is impaired for any reason the healing process is also impaired.  Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory.

The positive combination of nutrients in the aloe vera, a reduction in infection and reduction in inflamation because of aloe vera leads to the promotion of new cell growth and more rapid healing.

Aloe Vera works on the immune system and on membranes.  The major body system which has been consistently helped by Aloe Vera is the  digestive tract. As a resulut we are better able to absorb the nutrients form our food that we consume. Resulting in an overall improvment in health.

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