Essential Oils at work in the home

Here are some simple ways that essential oils can be used at home.
In the bath: essential oils float or sink in water and are not diluted so drops should  be mixed with a small quantity of an emulsifier such as milk. No more than 4 drops should be used per bath.

Localised bath: For a foot/hand bath mix two drops of essential oils in a bowl of warm water and soak for about 20 mins. Sitting in a warm bath is known as a sitz bath, and essential oils can be added to help with infections like thrush.

Vaporiser; To give an atmospheric effect for visitors – have an essential oil burning in the hall way as some one walks in can be very soothing and welcoming. i.e. can use the stronger oils like peppermint or lemongrass. To create an atmospheric affect you could use chamomile with some mandarin in your burner. (If don’t have a burner place 2 drops of essential oils onto a cotton wool ball and place it on a radiator.) It is a useful way of inhaling the vapours and benefiting from the therapeutic properties of the essential oil

 Spray; Room sprays can be used to disinfect and deordorize a room. (make up 100ml or so at a time) water with a 2% dilution.

 Open fire – put a drop of essential oil blend on the logs beside the fire for the night. The base oils are best for this.

 Body or part body massage: Most effective way to use essential oils but note the oils need to be blended in carrier oil. 

An area of skin is only able to absorb oils for about 10 mins after which it becomes saturated. The time taken for the oils to pass around the body is dictated by the individual metabolic rate. i.e. children will react quicker to essential oils than adults.

Steam inhalation: use one drop of essential oil to a bowl of hot water and use towel over ones head to retain the steam.

Saunas: Can be a wonderful addition to a  sauna. But check with management first and be mindful of other users. Splashing a couple of drops on wall or adding it to the water.


In the kitchen: using Lemon, grapefruit and  tea tree blended together in a dropper bottle can be used by putting 3 drops in a basin of water and using this to wipe the kitchen surfaces.

 Floor: using tea tree on the floor is a great bacterial fighter.

 Gargles and mouth washes: Gargles are a good way to treat sore throats and hoarseness. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to 5ml of strong alcohol and add this to an eggcup full or 5ml of water.

 Burn: Treat burn in normal way but placing under cold tap, this takes the heat away. One drop of lavender neat on the burn will help diminish the pain and healing starts immediately.

 Tooth ache: A clove in the mouth and bit on it to release essential oils. 


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