Grapefruit essential oil


 I have used alot of this essential oil in my massage treatments over the last few weeks. 

Please dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before using it for massage.

Grapefruit   (Citrus paradisi)


Family name: Rutaceae. 

This is essential oil which is extracted from a grapefruit oil by cold pressing the fruit peel.

Mind; It has an overall uplifting and reviving effect-making it valuable in states of stress. May well have a balancing action on the central nervous system since bears a reputation for stabilizing manic depression. Said to be euphoric.

Body; A lymphatic stimulant, nourishes the tissue cells and controls liquid processes. It may have an effect on obesity and water retention and its diuretic properties could help with cellulite. Reputedly it is a tonic to the liver too.

Appears to have a soothing effect on the body since it is said to relieve migraine and pre-mentrual tension.

Effect on the skin; Helpful for congested and oily skin.

Precaution: Grapefruit may cause skin irritation if exposed to bright sunlight.

One thing to remember: Grapefruit is a refreshing tonic and has an uplifting effect, thus helps combat depression (SAD) and general fatigue.


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