Bergamot essential oil

This is the first review of the different essential oils that I use in my massage treatments. If you are going to use essential oils at home for massage please dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil.

Bergamot    (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot essential oil is cold pressed from the fruit peel.

The bergamot fruit is not edible because the pulp is far too sour. As a result, the bergamot tree is primarily cultivated for its valuable essential oil.


Mind; It’s sedative yet uplifting character is excellent to relieve helplessness, grief and depression. It’s combined cooling and refreshing qualities seem to reduce anger and frustration.

Body; Antiseptic property makes it useful for urinary tract infections and inflammation like cystitis. Bergamot works on the digestive tract relieving flatulence, colic and painful digestion.

It strengthens the immune system.

Helpful with respiratory infections relieving symptoms of colds, flu and bronchitis as well as reducing inflammation and infection such as tonsillitis and sore throats.

Effect on the skin; It’s antiseptic and healing action seems to benefit skin conditions linked with stress. These may include eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Precaution: Bergamot may cause skin sensitivity to bright sunlight.  This is due to the chemical bergaptene which will help with tanning but not protect from burning. (This was an ingredient in sun tan lotions years ago.)

One thing to remember: Bergamot essential oil loves skin.


Anne O’Brien

AOB Therapies

Molloy’s HealthStore, Roscommon

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