Frankincense essential oil – it’s uses

Frankincense        (Boswellia carteria)

It has a spicy, balsamic aroma. Frankincense was known as one of the most precious substances to ancient man. I use Frankincense quite a lot in my practice as a massage therapist.


Mind; Frankincense is emotionally balancing, producing a sense of calm. Its comforting and somewhat refreshing action is helpful for anxious and obsessional states linked to the past.

Body; Slows down breathing.  It has a pronounced effect on the mucous membranes, helpful in clearing the lungs. Excellent effect on the respiration – eases shortness of breath and useful to asthma sufferers. Has a soothing action on head colds and bronchitis.

It soothes the stomach, easing digestion and belching.

Effect on the skin; Gives new life to ageing skin and reputedly smooths out wrinkles. It is a real tonic to the skin. It’s astringent properties also helps balance oily conditions. Found to be effective against wounds, sores, ulcers and inflammation.

One thing to remember: Frankincense is emotionally balancing and producing a sense of calm.

Anne O’Brien

AOB Therapies

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