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Open Day in Circle of Life

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Health open day

Circle of Life Open day –

Hope you can call in on Sunday 4th of Sept in Athlone.

If you book a treatment on the day you get 20% of the cost of the treatment.


AOB Therapies

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new web site

Welcome to our new website. Hope you all like it.

Thanks to Jamie in Opacity for making the change over to a mobile friendly web site so easy.

You can now purchase your vouchers on line- check out our shop


AOB Therapies

Treatments available in

  • Roscommon Town Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Athlone Thursday and Friday

If you wish to make an appointment call me on 0872721757

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Now qualified in Amatsu which is a therapeutic approach to enhance natural movement and correct muscular imbalances.

Techniques used during a treatment include:

  • Positional re alignment through postural repatterning
  • Reciprocal reflex repatterning
  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Soft tissue therapy and muscle massage and balancing

Amatsu works the body’s soft tissue creating balance. A treatment or body balance is suitable for people of all age groups and those with limited mobility.

The client remains fully clothed during the treatment, but please note loose comfortable clothing should be worn.

Amatsu Seitai

Seitai Amatsu

Amatsu anma

Anma Amatsu

Anne O’Brien

AOB Therapies

Co Roscommon


telephone: 087 272 1757

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Summer holidays

I am on summer holidays from the 17th through to the 31st Aug.

Best Wishes Anne

AOB Therapies

Telephone 087 272 1757


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Cypress essential oil.

Please dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before using it for massage.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Family name: Cupressaceae  Image

This essential oil is extracted from the Cypress tree.

Mind; Talkative, irritable people benefit by its calming action. Seems to have a soothing effect on anger – apparently cleanses the spirit.

Body; Comes into its own where there is excess of any kind, particularly fluids. Therefore, useful in oedema, excess bleeding, nose bleeds, heavy menstruation, sweating, particularly of the feet as well as incontinence.
With its vaso-constricting effect on the veins it can be helpful with varicose conditions.

Generally has proved helpful with the reproductive system, particularly menstrual problems such as pre- menstrual tension and the difficult side effects of the menopause i.e. hot flushes, hormone imbalances and irritability.

Effect on the skin; Exerts a balancing action over fluids. It controls excessive loss of water and can therefore be helpful to the mature skin. Sweaty and oily skin may also benefit.

Precaution; Regulates menstrual cycle so best not use during pregnancy. Its effect on varicose veins is well known, but care should be exercised in applying the oil – actual massage might be too heavy.

One thing to remember: Cypress is a strong astringent and depurative (removes toxins) so it good in regulating the body’s production of liquid.

Aromatherapy Massage treatments available with Anne in Roscommon and Athlone

AOB Therapies

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Vetiver – the tranquility essential oil


Please dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before using it for massage.


Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)Image

Vetiver is an essential oil that is distilled from the rootlets and is imported from places like Java or Haiti.


The older the root, the better the oil which also improves with age. It has a heavy, woodsy, earthy-sweet scent. It is known as the tranquility oil.


Mind; This essential oil is a calming oil. Useful just before an interview or visit to a dentist as it seems to settle the nerves. Also helpful for people who feel out of balance and need grounding


Body; This is an essential oil that has a balancing effect on the central nervous system instilling a more centered feeling. Despite its sedative action, very helpful in cases of mental and physical exhaustion. It revitalizes the body by fortifying the red blood corpuscles which are needed to transport the oxygen around the body.

Increased blood flow could alleviate muscular aches and pains and it is said to be useful in cases of rheumatism and arthritis.
Helps restore the body back to health, not least through its ability to promote sleep.


Massage treatments available with Anne in Roscommon and Athlone

AOB Therapies

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Anne offers a range of massage treatments.

Anne O’Brien of AOB Therapies works in

Circle of Life, Roscommon Road, Athlone (Mon, Thurs and Fri)
Molloy’s Pharmacy, The Harrison Center, Roscommon.(Tues, Wed and Sat)

Anne offers a range of massage treatments.

Here is a full list of treatments which Anne offers;
· Neuromuscular therapy & orthopaedic sports massage.
· Frequency specific micro current therapy

· Aromatherapy massage
· La Stone therapy
· Pregnancy massage
· Indian head massage
· Reiki
· Hoping ear candling
Contact Anne on 087 272 1757 to book an appointment.

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Orthopedic Massage Certificate from The Center of Pain Management

I have received my certificate in Orthopedic Massage from The Center of Pain Management. This training is a great addiction to the skills I learnt previously during my training in Neuromuscular and Orthopedic Sports Massage.

Orthopedic Certification from the Center of Pain Management

Also with certificate I am now eligible to be a teaching assistant with the Center of Pain Management.

Treatments available with Anne in Roscommon and Athlone

Telephone 087 272 1757

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every wanted to know what is causing your shoulder pain?

Great video by Dr Nabil Ebraheim which gives very clear images of the shoulder anatomy.  click here

In a massage treatment with AOB Therapies my goal is to release the tight short muscles. This takes the tension off the overstretched muscles which are typically full of tender points and put strain on the tendons. This helps reduce the pain.

Treatments available with Anne in Roscommon and Athlone

Telephone 087 272 1757


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Massage is not the only way I help to reduce pain in the body

Massage is not the only way I help to reduce pain in the body. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is one of the treatments that I offer, which a few people have asked about recently.

It is a system of treating body tissue using microamperage current.  Microamperage current is the same kind of current your body produces on its own within each cell.

A combination of 2 frequencies are used at any one time – One frequency addresses the condition while the second addresses the specific tissue.

There’s a frequency to reduced redness and swelling thus decrease inflammation or increased range of motion and softened tissue resulting in a soften of scar tissue.

The second frequency addresses the specific tissue in the body being targeted ie nerve, tendon, ligament or muscle etc.

For example one can decrease inflammation from muscle tissue. As is highlighted in the study Denise Curtis, my tutor for the Frequency specific microcurrent therapy, has completed. Ever done too much physical activity and felt stiff and sore the next day. This is delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) which is described as damaged muscle tissue combined with inflammation. The study completed compares the effects FSM therapy versus no therapy on DOMS. The study can be found in the Journal of Bodywork and movement therapies volume 14 #3. The conclusion of the study shows that FSM therapy did provide significant protection from delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Other conditions can be helped by using the frequency specific microcurrent unit. Shingles responds very well to one frequency combination that eliminates the pain in 20 minutes and causes the lesions to dry up and disappear in approximately two to three days. There are many more conditions which can benefit from FSM therapy

Clients who are dehydrated cannot benefit from FSM. Every patient is advised to drink at least a pint of 2 of water in the one hour preceding treatment.

Treatments available in Roscommon and Athlone

Best Regards

 Anne O’Brien

Telephone 087 272 1757


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