Cypress essential oil.

Please dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before using it for massage.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Family name: Cupressaceae  Image

This essential oil is extracted from the Cypress tree.

Mind; Talkative, irritable people benefit by its calming action. Seems to have a soothing effect on anger – apparently cleanses the spirit.

Body; Comes into its own where there is excess of any kind, particularly fluids. Therefore, useful in oedema, excess bleeding, nose bleeds, heavy menstruation, sweating, particularly of the feet as well as incontinence.
With its vaso-constricting effect on the veins it can be helpful with varicose conditions.

Generally has proved helpful with the reproductive system, particularly menstrual problems such as pre- menstrual tension and the difficult side effects of the menopause i.e. hot flushes, hormone imbalances and irritability.

Effect on the skin; Exerts a balancing action over fluids. It controls excessive loss of water and can therefore be helpful to the mature skin. Sweaty and oily skin may also benefit.

Precaution; Regulates menstrual cycle so best not use during pregnancy. Its effect on varicose veins is well known, but care should be exercised in applying the oil – actual massage might be too heavy.

One thing to remember: Cypress is a strong astringent and depurative (removes toxins) so it good in regulating the body’s production of liquid.

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